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Is Patti LaBelle and an Old Spice commercial?

Is Patti LaBelle and an Old Spice commercial?

The brand’s latest commercial expands this relatable universe with the addition of music icon, Patti LaBelle, as the “Old Spice Guy Mother-In-Law.” After a year of everyone living in close quarters with loved ones, Old Spice understands how the tension of cohabitation can transform small annoyances into bigger issues.

Just so, Who is in Old Spice Lavender commercial? Deon Cole is getting ready for the day when Gabrielle Dennis walks in and sees his lavender-scented Old Spice Wilderness deodorant.

Is that Patti LaBelle real daughter in Old Spice commercial? Patti LaBelle: It was fun — being on the sketch show with Gabrielle was awesome. To know that she was my daughter in this Old Spice commercial I said “Wow that’s great.” And Deon is particularly crazy and fun. I had fun doing the commercial, so much fun.

Furthermore, Is Gladys Knight in an Old Spice commercial?

Are the Old Spice couple married?

Isaiah Mustafa, best known for starring in Old Spice commercials and TV show Shadowhunters, is engaged! The actor, who proposed to girlfriend Lisa Mitchell during the couple’s recent trip to New Zealand, shared how he got on bended knee on Twitter and Instagram Sunday.

Who are the two black people in the Old Spice commercial?

Starring comedians Deon Cole (Black-ish) and Gabrielle Dennis (A Black Lady Sketch Show), the spots feature a husband who is unable to hold onto his favorite Old Spice items due to his wife’s tendency to “borrow” them.

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