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List : Top 63 Modeling Agencies In Poland To Start Your Modeling Career In 2021

List : Top 63 Modeling Agencies In Poland  To Start Your Modeling Career In 2021

Top Poland Modeling Agencies : Poland is a country which is located in the Central part of Europe. Poland people enjoy the moderate seasonal climate. The people of this country are modern and crazy after the new fashion and styles. Most of the bloggers from Poland are making the splash and enjoying the modern part of life. Poland model agency cooperates with other agencies for the success of the teamwork. The team of Poland model agencies are working hard and train their models for the better results of the promoting brands. Jeans and tops are the trending wears and the different brands love to do marketing for the success and top ranking of different articles. OMG Model Agency of Poland is famous all over the world which represents the models from different countries at the same platform. Aspiring models have the strength and power to advertise the brands. In this article, we will discuss the famous and successful Poland model agency.

In this post, we will discuss the top modeling agency in Poland which is the source of attraction.


WAVE Models – Modeling AgencyHoża 1, 00-001 Warszawa, Polandoffice@cocainemodels.com5.0
Avocado Models Agencja Modelek Modeli i HostessInowrocławska 28, 61-044 Poznań, Poland5.0
Golden ModelsHenryka Sienkiewicza 38, 90-009 Łódź, Poland-k.wojtera@goldenmodels.pl5.0
Vanilla Models & ActorsMurmańska 11/23, 04-203 Warszawa, Polandmagda@vanillamodels.pl5.0
WAVE Models – Modeling AgencyHoża 1, 00-001 Warszawa,
Brilliance Model AgencyGrzybowska 12/14/m.60, 00-132 Warszawa, Poland5.0
DK ModelsProsta 37/9, 87-100 Toruń, Polandbooking@dk-models.com5.0
Agencja modelek i promocji modyZamoyskiego 52, 30-523 Kraków, Polandreklamex@reklamex.krakow.pl5.0
Agencja modelek Selective Management – modelki i modele – pokazy modyHenryka Sienkiewicza 4/10, 00-015 Warszawa, Polandmateusz@selective-mgmt.pl5.0
ANGER MODELS Warsawal. Jana Pawła II 80/37/11 floor, 00-175 Warszawa, Polandjen@angermodels.com5.0
SD ModelsWidok 18/lok.6, 00-023 Warszawa, Polandbookings@get2look.com5.0
STELLAR MODEL MANAGEMENT agencja modelinguBitwy Warszawskiej 1920 r. 23, 02-366 Warszawa, Polandkontakt@stellarmodelmanagement.com5.0
ONMOVE PLUS SIZE MODEL MANAGEMENTSzczęśliwicka 29, 02-353 Warszawa, Polandinfo@newyorkmodels.com5.0
UnU ModelsKarmelicka 39, 31-128 Kraków, Poland5.0
SPP Models & Photographers. Agencja modelek, fotograficznaRynek 39/40, 50-102 Wrocław,
Neva ModelsMaksyma Gorkiego 24/6, 70-390 Szczecin, Polandinfo@nevamodels.pl5.0
Twarze. Agencja castingowaJózefińska 4, 30-529 Kraków, Polandbiuro@twarze.pl5.0
Agencja Mody&Event PrestigeJózefa Mireckiego 17A, 43-300 Bielsko-Biała, Polandoffice@mangomodels.pl5.0
Hostessy Warszawa | Agencja Hostess EssentialStrumykowa 19a/28, 03-138 Warszawa, Polandbiuro@essentialmodels.pl5.0
INDIVIDUAL agencja hostess i modelekOkopowa 56/lok.224, 01-042 Warszawa, Polandalexander@secretcats.pl5.0
Kontra Białystok – Agencja hostess, modelek i modeli Marta KozłowskaBielska 2, 18-105 Suraż, Polandagencjakontra@gmail.com5.0
DIAM – Agencja Hostess, hostessy WarszawaMiędzynarodowa 38/22, 03-922 Warszawa, Polandbiuro@diam.pl5.0
VIVACE Agencja Hostess i ModelekMarysińska 19, 04-606 Warszawa, Poland5.0
New Faces Agnecja Aktorskaul. Klimczaka17 80, 02-797 Warszawa, Polandsomeone@example.com5.0
Agencja NoblesseJana Nowaka-Jeziorańskiego, 31-154 Kraków, Polandinfo@nobless.pl5.0
Nakatomi PolskaZebra Tower, Mokotowska 1, 00-640 Warszawa, Polandoffice@nakatomicompany.com5.0
Agencja Nova s.c.Chełmska 21, 00-700 Warszawa, Polandfirma@prozano.pl5.0
Tato StudioZa Cytadelą 128, 61-659 Poznań, Polandnhello@tato.stud5.0
Cocaine ModelsLinienstraße 214, 10119 Berlin, Germanyapplication@cocainemodels.com5.0
Indeed Model ManagementScharnweberstraße 4, 10247 Berlin, Germanyxyz@indeedmodels.com5.0
Look Models InternationalSternwartestraße 17, 1180 Wien, Austriamanager@get2look.com5.0
Panda ModelsWilcza 65/35, 00-679 Warszawa, Polandoffice@pandamodels.pl4.9
Agencja Statystów, Hostess i Modelek – Agencja INFERNALChełmska 21, 00-724 Warszawa, Polandbiuro@agencjainfernal.pl4.9
CASTING-STUDIOChełmska 19/21/lok 8, 02-772 Warszawa, Polandmariusz@casting-studio.com4.9
OMG Models Warsaw PolandTwarda 18, 00-105 Warszawa, Polandinfo@omgmodelmanagement.com4.8
MalvaModels – male and female models agencyDruskiennicka 27, 81-533 Gdynia, Polandcasting@malvamodels.com4.8
D’Vision Model ManagementBurakowska 5/7, 01-066 Warszawa, Polandinfo@division.pl4.8
Magteam Model ManagementSułkowicka 2/4, 00-746 Warszawa, Polandmagteammodels@cs.com4.8
Outside. Casting AgencyJózefa 40, 31-056 Kraków,
Unique Agency. Agencja Modelek i Modeli.Bonarka 10, 30-415 Kraków, Polandinfo@uniqueagency.pl4.7
Astra Night Club15-11, Rysia, Słubice, Poland4.7
Uncover Models Agnieszka Gałecka Małgorzata RusinkiewiczRacławicka 99/budynek 2, 02-634 Warszawa, Polandmarcin@uncovermodels.com4.6
Rebel ModelsWilcza 44, 00-679 Warszawa, Polandrebel@rebelmodels.pl4.6
8fi Model ManagementMiodowa 3, 31-055 Kraków, Poland8fi@8fi.pl4.5
Mango ModelsMokotowska 43/lok. 511, V piętro, 00-551 Warszawa, Polandmonika@mangomodels.eu4.5
Chili ModelsŚwiętokrzyska 30/149, 00-116 Warszawa, Polandhello@chilimodels.com4.5
Angermodels Personal Model MangementWizuna 23B, 52-200 Komorowice, Polandanja@angermodels.com4.5
BS STUDIO HOSTESS – Agencja modelek, hostess i fordanserekMichała Wrocławczyka 37, 50-379 Wrocław, Polandbiuro@bs-studio-hostess.pl4.5
United for ModelsPoznańska 23, 00-685 Warszawa, Polandbiuro@united4models.pl4.4
AS Management WarsawChmielna 6/12, 00-020 Warszawa, Polandofficewarsaw@asmanagement.pl4.4
Gagamodels Sp. z o.o. sp.k.Grottgera 15/2, 60-758 Poznań, Poland4.4
Agencja GudejkoChełmska 21, 00-724 Warszawa, Polandbiuro@gudejko.pl4.4
SPECTO MODELSMarokańska 1a, 03-977 Warszawa, Polandmaciej@specto.pl4.3
Elite Model Management Bratislava s.r.o.Klemensova 2524/4, 811 09 Bratislava, Slovakiainfo@mmanagement.sk4.3
STARS Impresario Film sp. O.o.Hoża 50/101, 00-682 Warszawa, Polandcasting@stars-impresariat.pl4.3
Embassy ModelsMazowiecka 6/8, 00-017 Warszawa, Polandrobert@embassymodels.net4.2
SPOT MANAGEMENTAndrzeja Struga 7/15, 50-228 Wrocław, Polandjoanna@spotmanagement.pl4.2
M & P Models1, 29 Poland St, Soho, London W1F 8QR, United Kingdom4.2
M & P Models1, 29 Poland St, Soho, London W1F 8QR, United Kingdom4.2
STARS Film Impresario – Krakow BranchJózefa 26, 31-056 Kraków, Polandzlecenia@stars-impresariat.pl4.1
STARS Impresariat Filmowy – Filia Katowiceal. Korfantego 2, 40-005 Katowice, Polandbiuro@stars-impresariat.pl4.1
Hays PolandŁaciarska 4b, 50-104 Wrocław, Polandkatowice@hays.pl4.0

IGmodels has listed in this directory, only agencies known to be serious and licensed in Poland .

OMG Model Agency: Poland’s Top Rated Agency

OMG Model Agency is best for those who want to start the modeling career and who have a passion for modeling. Different magazines hire models from this agency for making the covers of their magazines and increase their rating. This agency was established in 2011. OMG Model Agency mainly scout, book as well as place the fashion models with the clients and partner agencies. This agency is working worldwide. The agents of this agency are highly experienced and hardworking.

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What are good modeling agencies?

Good modeling agencies are those which are reliable and mentor the models. Good modeling agencies help the models to get placed in many jobs. These agencies carry a good and perfect reputation of being liable as well as trustworthy.

How modeling agencies make money?

Different modeling agencies earn and make money through a commission by doing the deal with the head agency. The top-rated agencies mainly work with fashion designers and high paid advertising agencies.

Are modeling agencies legit?

Yes, those modeling agencies are legit which never demand any money from their models. Those agencies who charge their models are not legitimate. Be careful while selecting the model agency for a career.

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