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List of Best Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers (Photos)

List of the most memorable Cosmopolitan Magazine covers  : Cosmopolitan magazine is the entertainment and fashion magazine designed for women on the international platform. This magazine is the world’s best-selling magazine and famous for stylish writing. The articles are written in such a flexible way that draws the main attention of women towards it. The main editor of this magazine is Jessica Pels. This magazine is the publication of 1886 and after that gained popularity as the women’s best fashion magazine. It was published in the United States. This magazine mainly features articles related to health, sex, fashion, celebrities, beauty as well as a horoscope. All these features make the success of this magazine. Different editions of this magazine are available in almost 65 countries of the world and this is a big achievement. In this post, we will discuss the special features of Cosmopolitan magazine.

List of Best Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers 

This list includes rare Cosmopolitan Covers and hard-to-find traditional Cosmopolitan editions as well as the most popular and popular Cosmopolitan editions of the year .

Interesting Features And Awards of Cosmopolitan Magazine

The editors, as well as writers of Cosmopolitan magazine, did a lot of struggle to make this magazine on the top of the list. Keeping in view the popularity of this magazine, Russell Brand was awarded the Fun Fearless Male Award. In the same manner, Nicole received the Fun Fearless Female Award. So, these awards are a clear indication of the popularity of this Cosmopolitan magazine. In the same way, there are many awards won by this magazine in the world. Cosmopolitan magazine is also available in different languages keeping in view the mother languages of different countries.

Top Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers around the world

In this list, you will find our archive collection of the best Cosmopolitan magazine covers of the year from different editions among them:

Best Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers

If you are curious, we let you discover the collection in pictures:Discover our Best Covers Collection

Conclusion & FAQ

Can I submit an article to Cosmopolitan magazine?

If you think that you can write best for this magazine then write it and send it to the editor of the magazine. The most important thing is that your writing should be excellent and eye-catching.

Is this magazine a monthly magazine?

Yes, Cosmopolitan magazine is a monthly magazine which gives you the best news about different topics and makes you aware of the happenings of the world.

Who is the owner of Cosmopolitan magazine?

Cosmopolitan is the publication of Hearst Magazines which is mainly the leading information as well as a global and diversified media company.

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