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List of Best Elle Magazine Covers (Photos)

List of the most memorable Elle Magazine covers  : Elle Magazine is the creation of French people which gained popularity worldwide and now the focus of attention for all people. The main topics which this magazine owns are about fashion, health, entertainment as well as beauty. Helen Gordon is the creator of this magazine. This is the unique and different publication of Helen because she wanted to do something new and unique. This magazine becomes famous all over the world and makes her feel proud. Elle is the lady who wanted to do struggle for freedom of females and she features many articles on the growing movement of feminists as well as encourage the females to enter into the field of politics. Helen is a brave lady of her era. In this article, we will discuss the famous magazine in the world named Elle magazine.

List of Best Elle Magazine Covers 

This list includes rare Elle Covers and hard-to-find traditional Elle editions as well as the most popular and popular Elle editions of the year .

Fashion Magazine of the World

Elle magazine, along with the feature of fashion also owns the articles on love and life. In this magazine, different celebrities give advice to the people and Elle in her magazine narrate these pieces of advice for the motivation of the readers. The readership of this magazine is great which makes this magazine famous of all. The most interesting thing about this magazine is that it also holds the features of horoscope and tells you the future happenings in your life. People love to read this magazine and it is a great hobby for them. They enjoy reading magazines like Elle magazine because it owns interesting topics on beauty, fashion, horoscope, culture and many more.

Top Elle Magazine Covers around the world

In this list, you will find our archive collection of the best Elle magazine covers of the year from different editions among them:

List of Best Elle Magazine Covers 

If you are curious, we let you discover the collection in pictures:Discover our Best Covers Collection

Conclusion & FAQ

When was Elle magazine founded?

Elle magazine was founded in the year 1945 and gained popularity worldwide.

Who is the target audience of Elle magazine?

As we know, Elle magazine is the world’s famous and largest fashion magazine whose target audience is young girls having the age of 15 to 30 years. Elle is the French word which means she. So, it is quite clear the target audience should be women.

Where is the headquarters of Elle magazine?

The headquarter of Elle magazine is located in Paris and it owns many publishers from different countries.

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