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What is Rachel scared?

Rachel is afraid of fish

When Rachel realizes what Phoebe was trying to do, she tells her that if she wanted to scare her, Phoebe should have bought Joey a fish instead, which Rachel apparently finds scarier than spiders.

Was Ralph Lauren really on Friends? Ralph Lauren is a fashion designer who appeared as himself in only one episode, “The One With Ross’ Teeth” (S6E08), in two cameos.

Who never kissed on Friends? In the end, the only two Friends to have never shared an onscreen kiss — either in regular episodes or in fantasy sequences – were Monica and Phoebe, according to Factinate.

In addition WHO says the last line in Friends?

Chandler has the last line of the entire series. He asks “Where?” when Rachel suggests they all get coffee. His wife, Monica, said the first line in The Pilot.

Where did Monica get a pencil stuck when she was 14?

In what part of her body did Monica get a pencil stuck at age 14? Chandler: Oh! (Whispers an answer in Ross’s ear.) Ross: Ew!

Did Rachel Green work for Ralph Lauren?

In season 5, she got an interview at Ralph Lauren and started working there as an executive, and this is the job she kept until the final season.

Who was the richest character in Friends?

Here is a list of FRIENDS cast net worth:

Rank Richest Actors In The World Net worth (USD)
Jennifer Aniston
$300 Million
2 Courteney Cox $150 Million
3 Matthew Perry $120 Million
4 David Schwimmer $100 Million

How did Rachel in Friends get pregnant?

In season seven, Ross and Rachel have sex, and Rachel gets pregnant. Rachel gives birth to a girl in season eight, naming the baby Emma Geller-Green; the name Emma is a gift from Monica, who had previously been reserving the name for her own child.

Does Ross kiss Chandler?

All the friends characters did kiss each other at some point. Chandler kissed Ross when the former was drunk in S3E11 (This was not seen on screen but it is obvious he did).

What is Chandler Bing’s middle name?

Chandler Muriel Bing

is a fictional character from the NBC sitcom Friends, portrayed by actor Matthew Perry.

Chandler Bing
Portrayed by Matthew Perry Joshua Duvall Preston (young)
In-universe information
Full name
Chandler Muriel Bing
Gender Male

What is the first line in friends?

Monica says the first line on the entire series.

Her first line, which is the first of the series, is “There’s nothing to tell! It’s just some guy I work with,” in reference to a date she has later that night.

Which character speaks first in Friends?

Monica says the first line on the entire series.

The first scene of “Friends” shows Monica (Courteney Cox) talking to her friends in Central Perk coffeehouse. Her first line, which is the first of the series, is “There’s nothing to tell! It’s just some guy I work with,” in reference to a date she has later that night.

Who kissed everyone on Friends?

And that’s why it’s not too shocking to learn that Joey kissed all 5 of his co-stars at various points during Friends. Rachel, Phoebe, Monica, Chandler, and Ross all experienced a small piece of Joey’s endless libido.

Why did Friends get Cancelled?

Largely because the Friends cast was growing up

Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman told Entertainment Weekly, “Everybody was growing up. This is part of why the show had to end. This was no longer that time in your life when your friends are your family. You’re starting your own family.”

What is Chandler Bing’s job Rachel?

What is Chandler Bing’s job? Statistical Analysis and Data Reconfiguration. (Neither Monica nor Rachel can answer this question. It is a running gag that no one knows Chandler’s job and Rachel yells out “Transponster” as a guess in a moment of haste.)

Who did Rachel almost marry in friends?

Barry Farber, DDS was engaged to Rachel Greene, before she left him at the altar. He is an orthodontist. He is portrayed by Mitchell Whitfield.

What was Rachels job at Ralph Lauren?

Rachel’s first job is as a waitress at the coffeehouse Central Perk, but she later becomes an assistant buyer at Bloomingdale’s in season three, and a buyer at Ralph Lauren in season five. Rachel and Ross have a daughter named Emma in “The One Where Rachel Has a Baby, Part Two” at the end of season eight.

Why does Rachel’s shirt say 12 4?

In 2001 (“The One Where They All Turn Thirty”), she celebrates her 30th birthday, implying a birth year of 1971. … In the episode, she is wearing a shirt that has her supposed birthday on it (12-4), which is also inconsistent with the dates above.

How much did Janice get paid in friends?

Maggie Wheeler, who played Janice, could be getting a cheque for $19,000. Jane Sibbett, aka Ross’s ex-wife Carol, may be receiving $15,000.

Did Ralph Lauren pay to be on friends?

Several memorable moments of Rachel’s storyline involved Ralph Lauren (remember that awkward interview kissing scene?) and the 79-year-old designer even appeared in one of the episodes himself. Perhaps, then, it was only a matter of time until Ralph Lauren decided to return the favour and pay homage to the show.

How did Phoebe meet Monica?

Monica didn’t meet Phoebe until she was an adult living in the city. There aren’t many details regarding their first encounter, but Phoebe served as Monica’s roommate. The living situation didn’t last long, however, since Phoebe couldn’t take Monica’s excessive neatness.

Was Jennifer really pregnant?

Friends fan Pranav Vora also said that Jennifer Aniston was never pregnant during the entire show. Laura Stewart also stressed the fact that Jennifer Aniston doesn’t have children. However, she and Brad Pitt made headlines amid claims for, allegedly, having a baby together.

Was Monica pregnant at the end of Friends?

Courteney Cox was pregnant when the last episode was shot.

But it was much more difficult when Courteney Cox announced her pregnancy. According to the plot, Chandler and Monica can’t have children and they adopt twins.

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